Tacho2Safe update

you can download data from smart tachographs.

New smart tachographs.

From 15 June 2019 in accordance with EU Regulation 165/2014, newly registered or newly equipped vehicles with a weight exceeding 3.5 tonnes used for commercial purposes must be equipped with a new generation digital tachograph - a smart tachograph. The new tachographs have been combined with a GNSS (global satellite navigation system) device, an early distance detection device and an interface for intelligent transport systems. New tachographs thus record and store more data in their memory.

Tacho2Safe update.

For all owners of Tacho2Safe readers, the manufacturer has prepared an update of the internal reader software. Thanks to this update, Tacho2Safe retrieves and saves new files in the internal memory with an expanded data structure from both new tachographs and from the second generation driver cards.

Tacho2Safe update - promotion 2019

All customers who have purchased Tacho2Safe devices in 2019, from a general distributor of Net Polska may receive an upgrade at the promotional price*. The promotional price is 10 EUR !!! To order an update at a promotional price, complete the order form with the device number below the bar code. We will send you a pro forma invoice for the amount of EUR 10 !!! After making the payment, you will be returned to the program for updating the reader and the update instructions.

Paid Tacho2Safe update.

Customers who have older devices or have not purchased from an authorized Net Polska distributor have the option to purchase an upgrade. The cost of the upgrade is 60 EUR. To order an update, complete the order form and send. We will send you a pro forma invoice. After payment, you will receive an update file and update instructions.

* The promotional offer is valid until the end of 2020.

Order an update - order form.


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