Tacho2Safe tachograph and driver card reader

Product Description

Entrepreneur having vehicles equipped with a digital tachograph, according to the law is required to retrieve the data:

  • the vehicle at least once every 90 days
  • driver card at least once every 28 days

To fulfill these requirements you must have a device for collection and transfer of data to a computer. On the market there are many devices used for this purpose, but they differ both functionality and capabilities. Tacho2Safe stands out both functionality and capabilities.

Firstly Tacho2Safe functionality:

  • Reading data from the card without having to connect to a tachograph (built-in card reader driver).
  • Reading driver card via slot in the tachograph. .
  • Reading data from the tachograph according to pre-set parameters.
  • Reading data from the tachograph by the choice immediately prior to data collection
  • Read all the data from the entire period.
  • The display (easy to read even in daylight) indicates the status of the download and enables configuration of the reader.

Second possibility Tacho2Safe:

  • Ability to check the settings with a single key.
  • Ability to configure the device without having to connect it to your computer.
  • Ability to choose any format to save the file.
  • Choice of the period for downloading data.
  • Ability to work with a computer without the need for special software.
  • Ability to include sound signals.
  • Choice of user language.

Thirdly security Tacho2Safe:

  • The data is stored in a secure Flash memory 8 GB!

Other advantages Tacho2Safe:

  • Simple intuitive operation with 4 keys.
  • Easy and quick setup at any time and place.
  • High-speed data collection and tachograph cards.
  • Battery operated - no need to recharge the battery.
  • More than 500 card downloads on 1 battery
  • Automatic data collection and tachograph cards without having to press a key.
  • Compatible with all available digital tachographs.
  • 1 GB memory to storage of 30000 card readings
  • Display for configuration and visualization state of reader.
  • Setting of download options through keys and display
  • Warning on display for next card reading and vehicle download
  • CE certificate

Special offer only for companies in Lithuania and Estonia:

Tacho2Safe + software for recording, analysis and control of data from digital tachographs an unlimited number of vehicles and drivers. Only 219 EUR + 20 EUR delivery order >>>

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